Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

New Elevators


  1. Regulations of the Machine room construction

The regulation of the Machine room construction of the elevator doesn’t set specific dimensions but it sets the distances that are demanded by the mechanisms. The least distance of the Moving Mechanism from the walls of the machine room must be at least 0,20 meters, apart from the distance of the one of its big sides which must be 0,80 meters. In front of the electrical switchboard of the elevator which is positioned in the machine room there should be left free distance from any obstacle of at least 0,80 meters. The height of the machine room must be at least of 2 meters. As far as it concerns the Hydraulic Elevator, the machine room may not be in contact with the well though in Mechanic Elevator must adjusted . In general, a mechanic room with dimensions 1,5m X 2m is acceptable. The door of the Machine room must open towards the outside and there should be blinds on it if there is no other way of ventilation of the room. The floor must not be slippery. The Machine room space must be only of that specific use.


  1. Regulations of the well construction.

The well of the elevator is being exclusively used for the elevator function and must be apart from the rest of the building with walls, floor and ceiling. The only openings that are allowed are these for the well doors, the ones that are necessary for the function of the elevator between the well and the machine room or between the pulley room and the ventilation openings. The dimensions of the well must be the following: The Headroom ( the vertical distance from the floor of the lower level up to the floor of the well) must be at least 1,4 m. At buildings where the vertical distance of the ground of the last floor from the level of the street is bigger than 9 m the least distances of the well must be 1.4 m X 1.7 m. At buildings where the vertical distance of the groundr of the last floor from the level of the street is less than 9 m the mechanic can choose the dimensions of the well depending to the needs of the building. There should be a hole in the well for its ventilation. We must also add that there are many solutions that we can offer with small bottom depths ( up to 25 cm) as well as for those with small height of the last floor ( at least 2,5 m).


  1. Doors installation


As far as it concerns the demi –automatic (manual) doors we must leave 2.15 m height from the final ground of the floor and 1,05 m width for the opening of the door 85 cm.

Most of the times, the opening of the door is adapted to the opening of the well.


As far as it concerns the automatic doors, we must leave 2,25 m height from the final ground of the floor and the width is adapted according to each case because the whole width of the well is very essential.





  1. Procedure of Electric Power Supply


The following procedure should be done for new lifts: submission of the application to the competent Power Supply Headquarter (ΔΕΗ) for the temporary Electric Power Supply of the lift by submitting the certificate that we give to you. The temporary Power Supply is in valid for 120 days. At this specific time space the lift must be finished, pass by certification and to be registered in Registers of the competent Prefecture. New application is being made to Power Supply Headquarter with the lift license in order to change temporary Electric Power Supply to permanent.



  1. People with Special Needs Conditions


When we have to install a lift for People with Special Needs we take care that it is under the specifications that are demanded by the regulation. The specifications for building of Pubic Services, local authorities, public welfare institutions, banks as well as building that ‘’accept ‘’ public are as following: (as they are referred in the published ΦΕΚ with number 18 of 15th January, 2002):


  1. Ramps of highest declination 5% or in exemption 6% for biggest length 8,00, width with skirting- board or horizontal bar at 0.10m from the final surface of the ground, double continuing hand slides on both sides at heights 0,70 and 0,90 from the final surface of the ground, steps -with width of ramp and length 1.5 m- at the beginning and the end of the ramp and at every direction change and anti slippery layer or

  2. Lifts of vertical movement with least dimensions of the platform 0.90m X 1.20 m, lifting ability of 250 kgr, controls on platform both at the end and at the beginning of the route, moving security bar for the protection of the user and prediction of free space of 1,50 x 1,50 at least at the points of inlet and outlet of the lift or

  3. Scale lifts with dimensions of platform at least 0,80 x 1,00 m in order to have alignment movement, lifting ability of 250 kgr. Controls on the platform both at the end and at the beginning of the route, moving bar for the protection of the user and prediction of free space of at least 1,50 x 1,50 m from the platform for the entrance of the wheel chairs or

  4. Lifts with car dimensions at least 1,10 x 1,40 m, well door automatically opening or sliding, with opening of the well door and car (if there is one) of at least 0,80m on the small side of the car, using controls- in Braille or embossed- at height of 0,90-1,20 m from the floor, distance between lift door and opposite wall 1,50m and sound announcement of the floors.



Old Lifts


  1. Demand of car door


The demand of car door is defined by the regulation as necessary for the lifts that the car’s scare meters are more than 0,70m2 and the moving speed of the car is more than 0,70m/sec.

At the same time, there should be a switch under the car’s floor so when there is a person the out calls can be stopped. On new lifts, the installation of inner doors is imposed. Our company suggests the installation of BUS type inner doors on all lifts for the highest security of the users.


  1. Precision of car position


At the old lifts that have old control panel and the one-gear machines, the leveling of the car on the floors presents inaccuracies of 2 up to 7 centimeters and that results to the difficulty of entrance in the car, especially to older people. From now on, with the proper changes on the control panel (installation of INVERTER), the leveling of the car is being done with centimeter accuracy as it is demanded from the regulation that is going to be valid in 2013.




  1. Demand of maintenance


The maintenance is a sequence of controls and actions that are being carried out in order to maintain the lift at the best possible situation so as to carry the passengers non stop and in secure. In Greece, it is obligatory by the law to be carried out at least once per month for lifts installed at buildings with 10.000 complete routes per week and twice per month at installations with intense circulation like lifts at public areas, railway stations, airports as well as buildings which are installed which service vast public only if they present more than 10.000 complete routes per week. The good maintenance results to the saving of money. The maintenance provided by Asenco is focused on the maintenance of the quality of the product and of its secure function.



  1. Caging

At Hydraulic lifts, there is in the basic equipment automatic evacuation. That means in case of power supply interruption the lift with go down to the next stop and it will evacuate those who are in the car. At mechanic lifts the automatic evacuation is offered as optional equipment in case that there exists panel of INVERTER type.


In case that a lift stops from malfunction then a technician of our company comes and evacuates those who are in the car and then sets the lift in function. Our technicians inform the Responsible of the building about the evacuation procedure as it is necessary to be known by someone in the building.


  1. Ropes

As far as it concerns the ropes, we suggest that besides the constant check that is being carried out at every maintenance of the lift, they must also be replaced very frequently and always according to the use of the lift.


  1. Communication system


In 2013, the communication system of the car with external point of the building will be necessary so as the evacuation in case of emergency can be made.