Ambulance lifts

If you need and effective carriage lift which can resist a lot and at the same time to function with absolute reliability, then the lift of ASENCO is the proper solution. It is an effective lift for the comfortable transportation of the patients and those who need care so as the people can income and outgoing easily and to reach their destination easily.


The Asenco Lift is degigned in order to transport beds of all dimensionsand it also ensures plenty of space for the patient attendant. It can also transports medical equipment to the surgery room without vibrations.


The Asenco lift is based on preassembled parts of latest technology. For that reason a modular construction is given to specific lift. Depending to your needs, the movement can be either electromechanic without headroom- MRL or electrohydraulic with headroom.


The system is being supervised 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. In that way, the problems can be solved before they affect you.


In places where they is a lot of incoming circulation, it is important to be assured the continuous flow of the transportation in the most effective way. That is the reason why the system of destination control is designed. The lift, in combination with that special system can be available only to specific people at specific hours.. It is and advanced system which can be available to those that they need it most.