Machine Room Less Lifts (MRL)



  • Cost saving, as a study and a machine room construction, machine room ‘’equipment’’, oil changing- environment friendly- are not needed. And if we calculate the cost of : installation, supply and lift installation, machine room construction, lightning of machine room, ventilation- freezing of machine room etc, the suggesting solution of Machine RoomLess lifts is much more advantageous than that of the conventional type of lifts.

  • Adds value to the building since there is disposable space as machine room which can be used in other ways ( as storage room etc)

  • Energy saving and decreased consumption of power in relation to the hydraulic up to 40% due to new technology VVVF, Permanent magnet engine- without speed reduction. Indicatively, we note that for MRL 535kg lift, 7 people capacity, the engine power is 3,6 Kw and for the relevant hydraulic lift of 4 levels the engine power is 9 Kw.

  • Highest speed of servicing people, 1,0 m/s, which is considered proper for blocks of apartments and offices. In building of more than one floors with public use, there are specified more, collaborating lifts- Duple, Triplex etc- When the circulation study demands it. The hydraulic lifts are completely inappropriate for use at such buildings (speed 0,63 m/s- 60 links/h).

  • They have extra advantages like: minimum ‘’interventions’’ in the bearing structure/ construction of well with supports every 2,5 m~ 3,2 m, the height of headroom might be between 2900m up to 3100 mm, reduction of safeties size and of wire cross sections due to lower amperage in relation to hydraulic, the control panel is installed on the frame of the well door of the upper stop.


Asenco offers integrated solutions to horizontal and vertical transportations of people and of loads at office buildings and blocks of apartments, at hotels, hospitals, malls, cultural and athletic centers and to every other case. Our certified products and the highly trained personnel guaranty the security of the systems. Each project is treated as unique and the study is being made with the aim of the better exploitation and of the space. For that reason, our company provides the possibility of supplying, installation and maintenance of hydraulic and mechanic lifts as well as lifts with no machine room.

That new technology created a ray of environmental advantages. The new design uses smaller engines which leads to the reduction of energy consumption for the start and function of the lift, as well as it helps to avoid the possibility of soil contamination. But the most important feature is that it provides to architects and designers more freedom in designing. The space needed for the lift (no need for machine room) is smaller, so the space remained to productive usage is bigger.


In the meanwhile, a cupboard for the panel control must be installed next to the well space. Furthermore, a bigger space for well is demanded to create available area for the car, equal to the area of a car that is used for a hydraulic lift.


Mechanic lift MRL with reducer


Machine of conventional technology with reducer, manufactured by Alberto Sassi LEO, AC2 or VVVF (with encoder). The machine can be easily installed at Headroom with special wheel. The easy installation is succeeded with the special construction of a chassis with a fork. The high quality of the parts and of the machine can guaranty the soundless and normal function. It’s a product of high value, adjusted to your needs.


The advantages:


  • Four weeks delivery

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Certificate of type examination according to directive 95/16 EU

  • Standard mechanic manual evacuation

  • Pre constructed electric installation

  • Well 1600 x 1800 for 630 kg with door opening 800mm or 900mm

  • Simple idea, realization

  • Flexibility, Guaranty and Support by Asenco



Mechanic MRL gearless


A gearless machine is used, constructed by the German company ZIEHL- ABEGG, one of the biggest ones. The design of the parts is made in such a way to combine the simple and easy installation with the perfect performance and the the low sound levels of a gearless machine. The highest speed reached by Atlas is 1,6 m/s which covers the needs of multi floor building with high circulation and the capacity of car is up to 33 people.

It was developed in such a way that the lift can be adapted in the well because there’s no demand of extra space for the machine room.


The new design philosophy with suspension 2:1 for load up to2500 kg, in combination with the complete insulation of the car against vibrations, offers a perfect sense of lifting and the highest quality of movement, always with the guaranty and support of the name Asenco.


The advantages:


  • Certificate of type examination according to the directive 95/16 EU

  • Car route under 90o angle

  • Panoramic car

  • Installation of suspension only on one side

  • Car weight with doors over 800 kg


Hydraulic MRL


The advantages:


  • Four weeks delivery time

  • Certificate of type examination according to the directive 95/16 EU

  • Routes up to 20 meters/ 8 stops for 630 kg, 25 meters/ 10 stops for 1000 kg

  • The panel is installed at the lowest floor

  • Optional use of soft starter

  • Friendly to the environment (compatible with certified biodegradable oil)

  • Edition HR in 1 m/sec available with well dimensions 1,65 m width x 1,80 depth and door opening 900mm, and also with 1,60 m width x 1,80 depth and door opening 800mm.

  • Least height of the last floor 3400 mm

  • Least depth of bottom 1100mm for 630 kg, and1400 mm for 1000kg

  • Least demands of well dimensions , it is proper for new buildings and renovations.

  • Available with panoramic cars Hydraulic lifting system:


  • Fast installation

  • Competitive price

  • Hydraulic lifting system:

  • Only spares of high quality that ensure the maximum life length are used

  • Spares that are easy to install and maintain

  • Excellent accuracy of equalization that ensures comfort in transportation

  • Low cost and minimum maintenance demands, readily available spare parts

  • Compatible with biodegradable and non- flammable oil



Panel- electronics:


  • The panel is installed in locker, at the lowest floor (next to the door and outside the well)

  • Easy access to the panel

  • High technology electronics

  • Pre -constructed electric installation

  • Available with automatic evacuation system



Block of valves- Power unit


  • The Power unit is installed on the bottom

  • With the ‘’moving block of valves’’, the access to it is very easy



The complete system is offered with…


  • Guaranteed compatibility of all the parts

  • Detailed manuals of installation, function and maintenance

  • Functional package use

  • Automatic doors with VVVF mechanism

  • Telescopic central opening door, available in a variety of linings

  • Floor door harmonized according to the DIN 18091