Subsystems of lifts

Cars and operating panels


Functionality and aesthetics: In Asenco solutions all the needed subsystems of the lifts such as cars and operational panels are included. Particularly, the cars that our company offers are designed by the best manufacturers in Greece and abroad. They cover every need as far as it concerns functionality and aesthetics. They are manufactured by excellent materials, their construction is reinforced and it annihilates the vibrations during the transportations.

Seamlessly integrated with the chassis of the base installation for greater security and ease at installation. They are accompanied by a big variety of accessories and of course they follow the community directives of manufacturing and of assembly.


The cars include the panoramic or classical in the well and they are cars for people or loads with accompanying people, ambulance etc.


Technology and completion: The ‘’invisible parts of a lift system hide all the secrets of the expertise and of the absolute security of the installations that Asenco outputs. The integrated systems of the company by the most known and accomplished greek and international companies include:


  • Every kind and size of mechanic and hydraulic system: with or without machine room

  • Ultramodern electronic panels of control and handling with easy at use system of programming and maintenance, as well as

  • Reliable motors which cover every speed demand, floors’ number and load weight




Variety and Security: Asenco offers a big and continuously renewed variety of lift doors which combine the aesthetics and the functionality with te absolute security. They are automatic or semi- automatic floor doors, folding and circular doors, as well as special doors of renovation which are easily adjusted at older installations, with a wide variety of design and lining and colours (inox, sheet- metal).
The doors that asenco installs are outstanding for their reliable, soundless and secure function, with advanced technology through inverter and built- in automatic and manual evacuation.