Upgrade- Modernization- Repairing

The European Order 95/19/EU demands upgrade of the old lifts for the issue or reissue of their function license. The upgrade of the lifts which might be made for aesthetics or for functional reasons includes: part or whole replacement of part systems and subsystems as well as the addition of security elements according to the technical report which asenco submits for its customers to the relevant public service.


Detailed Approach


The functional expenses of a lift are increased with the pass of the time because we cannot predict the natural damage which we can only limit with modernization. So, all the mechanic parts which will be adapted will absolutely suit to the already existing parts.


Multiple Advantages


The upgrade of your lift has a lot of advantages for everybody- owners, tenants and users:


  • Increasing security

  • Greater reliability

  • Better function

  • Comfort at circulation

  • Decrease of energy consumption

  • Modern car design

  • Compliance with the models

  • Increase of the building value


Professional Support


The upgrade of the lift demands specialized analysis of a specialist. Asenco provides you with the complete support which is based on the knowledge and the long term experience that its personnel owns and who know what is proper for your system: Replacement of micro materials or some of the parts, solution with complete packet or installation of a new system.


New Security Demands


In the future, the safety regulations for the new and for the existing lifts will be stricter. According to the European Direction EN81-80 (SNEL, model relevant to the security for existing lifts) even the older lift must be upgrade no matter if they are under a good condition or not.