Hydraulic Lifts

For 25 years, the hydraulic systems of lifts are widely use. They firstly appeared in the beginning of seventies and the massive production and installation started in the middle of eighties. The basic principle of its function is the following: the total consists of a hydraulic pump which presses oil to a piston. The piston is connected with the frame of the car with direct suspension 2/1 in order to avoid open up drillings for the piston and the decrease of its length. A system of mechanic and electric valves undertakes the control of the movement. The hydraulic lifts have many advantages. Some of them are:


Basic advantage is their flexibility as far as it concerns the installation of the machine room. The connection of the headroom is only with electric wires and a flexible elastic pipe for the supply of oil to the piston. Another advantage is the evacuation in case of power supply problem (interruption, electricity supply phase, voltage drop etc)


Advantages of Hydraulic system of lifting:


  • Security and comfort during transportation

  • Quality and robust construction

  • Ease and low cost of installation and maintenance, for the new ones and for the renovated

  • Low levels of noise and of vibrations

  • Reliability and long life terms

  • Fast delivery and ability of special appliances construction

  • Ability of direct evacuation in case of power supply interruption (ex. due to earthquake)

Maison LIFT-KLEEMANN lifts


Asenco presents maisonLift of KLEEMANN, the ideal solution for maisonettes, expanding the range of its products to the complete lift systems.


The Hydraulic house lift maisonLift of KLEEMANN is the proper solution for the transportation of people at buildings with well and at building without well (for that kind of building we offer the aluminum well. The use of maisonLift is applied is various types of building like maisonettes, professional building or in general building with limits is the depth of bottom or in height of the last floor. Furthermore, due to big dimensions of the car and of the door, it is absolutely appropriate for use by people with moving disabilities, aged people and parents with little kids.


The advantages of maisonLift (lift for maisonettes):

  • An already existing well for lift is not demanded

  • Low demands of Well bottom depth: minimum 20mm

  • Law demands in Height of the last floor : minimum 2450mm

  • There is no demand for extra space for machine room

  • Certificate of type examination according to the European directive 95/16 EU (authority T’’UV)

  • Harmonized with the EN 81-21 standard

  • Automatic evacuation

  • Law consumption: 2- 2,5 KWh/ month

  • Silent function

  • Easy installation

  • Protection mechanism in order to protect the maintainer when he works in the area of bottom or on the car

  • Complete lift packet which is available with aluminum well in its basic edition