In combination with the application of the obligatory European regulation frame for the technical security checks of new devices, products and installations which are available in trade every new installation of lift and moving staircases/ corridor it demands the issue of a license- certification. Expertise engineers of the certification company take care of the check of every new system as far as it concerns the compliance to the security provisions.


Our company, which works according to ELOT for the installation of Hydraulic and Mechanic lifts and moving staircases/ corridors, follows the forecasted by the regulations provisions.


The law, apart from the control of the new installation, forecasts the control of the already in function lifts in order to ensure that they work at least according to their specifications. The most important profit out of this procedure is the equipment of the lifts with security systems according to which the people and the maintainers will be protected.


Taking into consideration that Greek trade is not informed, Asenco hopes to help the owners, responsible of buildings and the installers/ maintainers with a quick presentation in order to make them understand the importance of regular check of lifts and the certification.


For lifts that a certification of recognized authority has never been issued.


The owners/ responsible for building are obliged to assign and close the check of the lifts of their buildings to recognized check authorities according to the following time schedule:




Existing lifts with no evidence of legality (no function license or installation pre-approval)


Existing lifts installed at public areas and in general, in building that serve a wide majority of people


Existing lifts with function license or pre- approval installed more than 30 years ago


Existing lifts with function license or pre-approval, installed less than 30 years ago



For lifts that a certification of recognized authority has been issued.


The owners/ responsible for the building are obliged to repeat the check of lifts of their buildings by recognized authorities at the following time spaces:





Block of apartments

Up to 6

6 Years

Block of apartments

More than 6

5 Years

Professional use

Up to 6

4 Years

Professional use or at hotels up to 200 rooms

More than 6

3 Years

Lifts that are installed at public areas and in general at buildings that they serxe a wide majority of people

Independently of levels

1 Year


For further information and for the demands of the actual legislation use can search our website the Legislation page.