Lift Maintenance

With our main concern the security of the people and the speed of repairing the malfunctions asenco make regular maintenances and checking. For the regular maintenance of the lifts (per one or two months) specialized technicians of our company are on duty while engineers of asenco make the regular check (per three or six months).


What is it and why are we doing that?


The maintenance is a series of checks and actions that are being carried out with the aim of maintaining the lift at the best possible condition so as to move the people without stopping and securely. In Greece, it is obligatory by the law to be carried out at least once per month ( at installations with intense circulation it is being carried out twice per month). It is divided:


    1. In preventive maintenance during which the forecasted by the valid regulation and the specifications by the manufacturer Works, cleaning –lubrication of all the parts when it is necessary are done.

    2. The repairing maintenance to follow the needs that are resulted by the damage that the installation presents.

    3. The registration and the elimination of the malfunction and deregulations.


For regular time spaces, works of modernization or upgrading are being executed to the lifts in order to ameliorate the features and the function way. The aim is the better services for the people that use the lift and the improvement of the security factor.

The recent Community Order and the new for application Legislation according to which the following years all the lifts in function should be modernized and improved contribute actively to the above in order to cover the least SECURITY specifications.



The legend of ‘’ cheaper maintenance’’


The maintenance is a specification and professionalism issue. At this sector, our efforts are great and continuously increasing with the aim of absolute security and minimizing of the malfunctions to three per year for lifts with more than twenty years of life and with one or two for the newest ones… Each lift is being supervised by a specialized technician and its background is being filed in a special software with the aim of:


  1. The complete, continuous and integrated function picture

  2. Execution of preventive Maintenance which will maintain in a situation similar to a new one so as the needs for repair can be resulted later and by its natural damage.


The good maintenance contributes to the saving of money.


The maintenance which is being provided by Asenco is focused on the conservation of the quality of the product and its secure function.