Mechanical Lifts

Nowadays, they are the most technologically advanced type of lift. The mechanical lifts at their contemporary edition are those which carry the most of the people around the planet at skyscrapers and at high buildings. The highest the building is, the faster the speed of the lift. That results to the decrease of waiting time.


More specific, in Greece, at lower buildings (3 up to 5 floors) the speeds start from 0.63m/sec up to 1 m/sec and at the highest ones from 1,0 m/sec up to 3,5 m/sec which has been installed at ‘’ Athens Hilton’’ by our company.


In big cities of abroad where we meet higher buildings and skyscrapers more often the function speeds are from 7 to 8 m/sec up to 12 m/sec. The last achievement at the moment can be found in Japan.


The mechanical Lifts consist of machine ( apart from the rest), the frame of the car, the car, the frame of the counterweight, the guides, the steel cables and the adjuster.


The mechanic engines are:


  • With one or two speeds and reduction gear

  • Gearless




In combination with the VVVF system (Inverter) we acquire:


  • High speeds

  • Smooth starting and stop

  • Accurate leveling

  • Energy saving up to 30% in relation to the conventional technology