Strategy of Research and Development

The past years, our company has given emphasis on the part of Research and Development. Through visiting international exhibitions and informing by our collaborators in other countries we managed to discover new ways of our products developments for the good of our customers.


The Research and Development department has developed an new pioneering system of controlling and managing of our installation, malfunction and maintenance personnel since May 2005. From the very first months we have dicreased to the least the delay of our personnel and we already design the development of the pre cabling for the installation of the lift.


The specific project is expected to bring minimization of the delivery time of the projects, easy confrontation of the problems and at the maintenance. It is a peak technology and the biggest lift companies have been focused on that.


The reliable and contemporary technological products are the result of the collaboration of the highest level engineers as well as of the continuous improvement of all of our company’s products. Off course, we always take into consideration the trends and the demands of the trade and the products of other competitive companies.


Our engineers have the ability to construct fast pioneering products due to the modeling, design and simulation tools which are of the latest technology and they ensure the high quality of design. It is noticeable that the basic condition to achieve pioneering products and maintenance of the good reputation of the company is the continuous check of the machines and their spare parts.


Asenco is active at Research and Development matters and we have as compass the sense of knowledge of specialized areas of the science and technology as well as the pioneering creation of new models and practices of exploitation of new opportunities and satisfaction of new demands.


What Asenco seeks is the knowledge and expertise to be applied to its projects, solutions and products so as our customers can acquire modern information systems which can ensure them a powerful and competitive advantage.