Lift installation

The speed, effectiveness and consistence to the completion time are the basic features for the realization of the asenco installation. All the above are the result of the prior accurate study and the great experience that we have. We offer perennial guaranty of good function, proof of reliability of the constructions that we undertake.


The quality that we wish a product can offer is mainly relevant with the stability and not so much with the impressive constructions of the highest level.. The basic pursuit of a company, a factory etc is the product that it is produced to be maintained at the same level.


The product must be the result of simple, practical and stable procedure. The ‘’Quality Systems’’ are taking take for the above to be ensured. The way and the results must be documented by the relevant documents which should come from real daily procedures.


For that reason, our company had followed since long time ago the logic of stable and progressive way of creating and check of the product before the registered installation of the recognized quality safety system ( ISO 9001:2000).