The business strategy of Asenco is compacted in its central message ‘’ a level beyond’’ which is based on its three unique and competitive advantages:


Great Experience


The long term professional experience of the asenco establishers in the lifts section, initiatively in collaboration with the international leader company OTIS and then as independent professionals but also the absolute specialization of its technical personnel, it guarantees to asenco customers the reliability, the functionality and the security of the solutions that we suggest and of the system we install.


Revolving Expertise


The continuous update and training of asenco’s executives through international exhibitions and seminars for the monitoring and assimilation of new products and technologies are the basic care of the company. In parallel, our strategic collaborations with the leaders of Greek and international trade ensure to the customers of asenco the most financially appealing solutions in combination with the most advanced technology and aesthetics.


Integrated Service


The biggest and most important competitive advantage of asenco is the well established to all the employees company culture as far as it concerns the customer service and the confrontation of their demands, of their wishes and their problems. The direct 24 hour telephone support and site service for every problems or need might appear. Our further advantages are the conscientiousness, our professional reliability, our friendly service as well our sincerity and transparency to our financial exchanges. All the above led to long term bonds of trust and collaboration with our customers.