Asenco is a dynamic Greek company of integral services of installation and support of lifting systems and moving scales. Our solutions cover completely the needs of houses, professional and industrial buildings as well as public and private buildings of every size and category. The lifting systems that Asenco installs follow the contemporary trends as far as it concerns aesthetics and function, they embody the most advance technologies of international level and they accord to all specifications and orders of the community and Greek legislation.


Asenco was established in 1997. The establishers, Kostas Liarokapis and George Pothitakis, having acquired the knowledge and the experience from the international leader of lifts company OTIS, they decided to create a company form the beginning and to pay attention to the human factor and the work quality without giving the feeling of distance like international companies. Together with other experienced personnel of designers, engineers and people for maintenance they offer complete services under the stricter quality specifications which include all levels of realization of a project and more specifically:


  • Study

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

  • Upgrade


The quality of the construction and the elegant designs in combination with the approachable prices of the products have established the name of the company in the consciousness of our customers. In parallel, we start an effort in wholesale trade through visits to exhibitions abroad in order to learn about new products and to ensure even better prices and services.


The progress of our company in relation to the current circumstances and the existing competition is being considered as positive (taking also into consideration its financial results and its new collaborations).


Since 2004, our company is found in its new owned space and since 2008 we opened our first branch in Petralona.


At the moment, we maintain 700 lifts and we continue to install new ones in an increasing pace.